Marcus de Mowbray, aka Captain Bubble

I was born in England but due to my father’s work duties I also grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay and Washington D.C., U.S.A., and loved all the experiences that travel brought. This included several journeys on great Ocean Liners including Queen Elisabeth and SS France, plus dozens of flights in a wide variety of aircraft.

I am a craftsman, inventor and musician and make a variety of musical instruments for individuals, schools and museums, and for myself. I also make props for TV, Stage and Museums, and various mechanical toys and Automata. I am also interested in photography and animation, science and technology, history, and almost anything mechanical.

I play ukuleles, drums, timpani, percussion and a few other instruments and have played in many rock, jazz and folk bands and 2 semi-professional Symphony Orchestras. Nowadays I mostly write, record and play as a solo artist, and have my own recording facility in my workshop; I have now released 3 solo CDs of my own material as “Captain Bubble”.


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