Spacer Snare Drum

Spacer Snare Drum

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A Spacer Snare Drum made for a UK customer.

My “Spacer” range of drums evolved directly from my Tour Timps portable timpani. The original idea was that the open frame shell would let the sound dissipate and make it considerably quieter than normal snare drums so that they would be ideal for practice and quiet gigs.

In fact I was completely wrong! These drums are very loud indeed and project exceptionally well indoors and outside. Furthermore, they are great for recording and Live mic’ing, as mics can be placed in all normal positions plus Side Mic’ing. With Side Mic’ing the sound is crisp if the mic is a few centimetres away from the shell, but as it is moved closer the bass frequencies are boosted, and when the mic is right inside the drum the sound is huge.

Spacer drums are made to special order. They take a long time to make and parts are expensive. A lot of my other work is faster and more profitable and thus takes priority over the Spacer drums, but once an order is accepted I give an estimate of completion time.


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