Some Videos

A rough version of the drum track of a tune on my 3rd solo CD, played on my Busker Cajon Kit. This is based on a Cajon which has a built in Bass drum (from my “Busker” range) and a linkage to a pedal. The lid of the Cajon/Bass Drum doubles as a useful side-table for sticks, brushes and refreshments. Stands, pedals and cymbals and the small instruments can be stored and transported inside the Cajon/BD, which has wheels and a handle for easy trundling.

At front centre is a  pair of bongo-toms, and behind are 10″, 12″ and 13″ snare/toms all fitted with vellum top heads. These produce a very warm and rich sound even at very low volume. The central 12″ Snare/Tom has specially designed wood hoops made by the great Carrera Drum Company. The kit includes several more of my own inventions, including the adjustable frame on the right which is mounted onto a single stand base and holds the 13″ Snare/Tom, 2 Matt Nolan Ride cymbals, 2 Splash cymbals and a cowbell. There is also a Clapper and a Cow Crasher, which has now been licenced to a major percussion company.

The final CD recording of this tune is somewhat longer also features interwoven  Ocarina and Penny Whistle tunes making for a very bright and lively piece. The CD is called “Professor Argentina Bhutt-Phlapp and the Electric Lemonade and is available from me at £5 plus shipping.


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