Friars School Project

^ Please click the above link for a Slide Show of the Friars School project.

This is at a Primary School in Southwark, South East London. I built 4 outdoor musical instruments: a set of 4 drums, a Xylophone, a Cajon/Lujon and a Harp/Aeolian Harp. These are permanently fixed to an outdoor Stage. The Cajon/Lujon is possibly the world’s first: a Lujon is a set of metal plates bolted onto a resonator, a Cajon is a special musical box played by tapping and slapping. This instrument combines both and can be played by several people at the same time. The Harp is played by plucking the strings, but when the wind is blowing it also starts singing the Song of Aeolus, the Ancient Greek God of the Wind.

This project included a large Windbreak which also deflects balls from the games area, a pond and hanging gardens, a Sun Dial and a Vegetable Garden. It transformed a flat tarmac area into a wonderland for the children, and I am very proud to have been a part of it.


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