Welcome to the creations of Marcus de Mowbray, aka Captain Bubble.

I am a craftsman, inventor and musician based in London, England. I have always been interested in music, mechanisms, photography, history and technology. I play a variety of instruments primarily ukuleles, drums, timpani and percussion, and I invent and make a wide variety of percussion instruments and accessories. I also make props for TV, Stage and Museums. I write music and songs and have now made 3 solo CDs under my stage name Captain Bubble.


Poly Tone Beaters

A rhythm played with Soft Poly Tone Beaters.

Tinkerbell and Plato – I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again

Tinkerbell and Plato play Swiss-Mongolian-Kentuckian-Hillbilly style, live at the Studios

Tinkerbell and Plato, Garlands of Fairies

Recorded live at the Studios.  Playing the drums with my Poly Tone Beaters

A busy day at the chain factory


50″ (1.3 meters) of brass chain hand-made for a new Gallinae Priemis which I am making. My side-cutters fatigued and broke, and my hands were sore and blistered by the end of work even though I was wearing work gloves. Well, at least the nastiest part of the job is now completed.

Gallinae Priemis (Spring Chickens)


Just repaired, an automaton I made about 30 years years ago loosely based on a device made by Gallileo to study acceleration.

London Taxi and Bus Game

Part 2, the Routemaster Bus

London Taxi and Bus Game videos

Two videos of the game, now complete and ready for sale. This is part 1 the Taxi

London Bus Game



Drive a model Routemaster Bus around some of London’s favourite places, using the lever to control a magnet inside the Red Cedar wood box. This is my fancy version of a game which was made in the 1960s but had only a flat street map and a plastic case. It might look easy, but some of the routes nd corners are fiendishly difficult to negotiate even if you are not trying to beat the clock!

I have been trying to get it ready to sell for Christmas, but a bit late now as it still needs waxing and polishing and a few more details so perhaps next year!London Bus Game

New Modular Drum Kit

20 photos of my new Modular Drum Kit which is almost complete. It allows a wide range of set ups so you can take everything or just what you need. Photos start with a very basic set gradually building into a very versatile drum and percussion set up. After this there are a few close up photos of parts.



Poly-Tone Drum Beaters demo

A short video in which I demonstrate how to produce various different tones using these new beaters (Patent applied for).

After the explanation I play some samba-style rhythm first with the “slappy” tone, then I turn the beaters round and play the same beat with the soft face, then flip them over to use the hard face